For the Girls

Pickles & Ice Cream Baby Shower Invitation by CiJa Studio

As I started designing this week I thought about my childhood. I remembered what it was like to want to see a mirror like image of myself on toys and represented on products in the world I lived in. So at the age of 7 just a few months before Christmas I set out to find myself a special and at that time rare gift, an African-American Barbie doll. Long before email and cell-phones I eagerly wrote the toy company to ask where I could find one these special dolls who would looked like me. To my surprise they wrote me back. They had a few but none to close to our house, but they made a few. So on Christmas morning, you guessed it, at age 7 I unwrapped my first Barbie that looked liked me. Some may say so what! Big deal! I say not really so. It was special and it’s moment I have never forgotten.

My little girl loves when I get dolls that resemble her soft light brown skin and eyes. I think it’s the affirmation that we are important when we see ourselves represented in the world at large. I think about this as I design for little girls out there. I think about this when I make business cards and baby shower invitations that women want to see their images in the real world. That’s why I go the extra mile and work late to make images that make girls and woman look pretty and feel represented in their world.

Ballerina Bag by CiJa Studio


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