Don’t Make a Resolution

It was just another day working at my computer when I was staring out my window. As I got lost in the moment I realized Thanksgiving had just passed and how fast Christmas and New Years was approaching. So with that frame of mind I started thinking about making a New Years Resolution. Ah yes, you know how it goes you get think of all the goals you set this year but did make, assess which ones are most important, and then put them on a list. For some it may be to take a vacation, others lose weight, or maybe find love. What’s important is we resolve to accomplish this list. That is what I really want us to think about.

My gorgeous forest preserve backyard view out my window.

My gorgeous forest preserve backyard view out my window.

If you could indulge me for a moment, I would like you to have a look at the view out of my window (the picture is up above). Now while you look at the photo think about what really inspires you? Next consider what is it that you have been wanting to do but haven’t done because of your fears? Next consider what did dream of doing when you “grew up”? Ok now I want you to stop looking at the view out my window and focus for a minute, if you can. If you were unable to answer any of those questions it’s alright you can feel refreshed because you took a moment of pause just for yourself. But, if you did answer at least one or more of those questions I encourage you not to make a resolution this year but to commit to your passion. Am I saying it’s bad to want to resolve to be more organized, get fit, or do any of these things to better ourselves? My answer is a resounding NO. What I am saying is often we make our New Years resolution ,year in and year out, without listening and giving precedence to our hearts true desires. Often we settle on our New Years goals because of our  adult sensibility or because we do what is familiar and safe. I know because I did it for years before starting my studio. So that’s why I am giving you permission to be wild, get crazy, and go out on a limb. Don’t Make a Resolution for 2013 instead live on the edge and commit to your  hearts passion! -Cicely


One thought on “Don’t Make a Resolution

  1. First of all, your view is lovely and is an ideal backdrop for refocusing. Thank your for sharing this beautiful picture. New Year’s resolutions are over-rated. I agree with you! Skip the resolution and instead committ our actions to wherever the passion lies on our life. Excellent post!

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