Chicken Soup and Tissue

In the midst of the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season, taking care of family, and working the daily grind sometimes we find sitting;in front of a bowl of chicken soup with a box of tissue. Now if I looked at this from my daughter’s perspective she would be beaming from ear to ear, grateful for the extra time off from school, and all of the work that comes with it. So I suppose at times like this it’s all about perspective. What do we do when life throws us a curve and we have to change our plans?

If your like me you go down fighting. I usually try to work feverishly in my office with hand sanitizer, and sprays until it becomes very apparent that my body is like “woman would you just quit already”! So this week I am taking the my daughter view on things and as I nurse myself back to health. While I ride out the viral crud bugs I am going taking advantage of the downtime to do the following:
1. Catch up on reading those really cool blogs I usually don’t have to time to read.
2. Taking a moment to do some business planning (I know it’s bad…I can’t help it I’m a grown up).
3. Finally, but most important take some time to cuddle with the ones I love who make me feel so much better when I’m sick.

So the morale of the story is life is still life whether your planning the perfect holiday or it’s just another day. The challenge is all in our perspective. If life throws you a curve ball that may require some chicken soup and tissue or some other form change you can do one of two things. You can sit around and be really upset that things aren’t going your way. This won’t help and will probably hinder you in the long run. Or you can make simple adjustments so you can roll with the curves. Now this may be inconvenient but, you’ll find life much less stressful when you chose to make adjustments. This season I’m rolling with the curves and taking it in stride. So this season take it easy on yourself and have a child-like perspective to make you smile with each and every turn.