Father’s Day- A Day to honor him

Normally for each of these holidays or events I do an inspiration board. Normally I would show my latest design for the occasion. This Father’s Day is not so normal for me since I just lost my father this May. I thought this post would be the hardest to write since past couple of year’s I have gotten to honor to two great father’s, my own Daddy and my husband. Since my men love meat none is spared for our grill. I marinate, season rub, and grill everything to perfection for my guys! This year the grill will still be fired and everything cooked in loving anticipation of being eaten to oblivion. The difference is I will honor my Dad’s memory. I will remember the times he took me fishing as a little girl. His fishing pole was long and blue, mine small and red. I would drown every worm he put on my hook never catching one fish but, oh the fun we had together! This year I will tell my kids beautiful stories they never knew about their Grand-dad and watch them laugh. This year will be different but, I will still honor him.


My Daddy

Love You Daddy,



fanchimp- The Perfect Social Media Helper

As a business owner, well basically one woman show, I’m responsible for all the content you see from CiJa Studio. This means time has to beĀ  scheduled to design new product, update 3 stores, photograph items, and most importantly interact on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. If reading this list exhausts you then imagine doing it while managing a household with two pre-teens on top of it! This is where my new helper fanchimp comes in. Music please…dun, da, da, daaaaaa!!!!

Oh how I love fanchimp! Fanchimp has allowed me to do what used to take hours in as little as a few minutes. My perfect “social media helper” works with my shop by adding a plug-in or link if you will. Then it allows you to select from your product, personal messages, and more to update your Facebook fan-page. Then once you’ve made your selections based on your preferences you select content relevant to your fans. You use this to create daily campaigns to load to your Facebook fan-page with an option to link to a Twitter account. Fanchimp make everything easy by selecting the best time to post each selection to the page so you don’t have to.

So here’s my final review, the big shout….I love fanchimp! I really do. I actually say it every time I log in and update my page because it used to take me forever to comb the internet looking for interesting content to share. Now with my new helper fanchimp great content is just a click away . Best of all they even gave me 30 days FREE to give them a try. I took the free trial and I’m really glad I gave the chimp a chance!

All the Best,