Birthday Party Inspiration – Baking Birthday

The Beautiful Baker birthday party theme is great for girls who love to help their parents cook and bake in the kitchen. Perhaps your little lady dreams of owning her successful bakery or enjoy watching a show on the Food Network for great cooking ideas. This theme celebrates a girls desire to create a tasty treat and enjoy it with her friends. At the same time being recognized for the special and creative beautiful baker she really is. If this sounds like your little lady than this is the theme for her!

1. Charley's Bakery 2.Hats- Parenting Magazine 3. 4. Hanging Party Pom Poms 5. Duncan Hines- Hero Bubble Gum Cake

1. Charley’s Bakery 2.Hats- Parenting Magazine 3. 4. Hanging Party Pom Poms 5. Duncan Hines- Hero Bubble Gum Cake

This theme allows you to let your inner girl chef go crazy and wild! For party favors you can add a punch of fun to the party with animal print aprons, personalized aprons, kitchen utensils favor packs with ribbons, recipe cards with foods made from the party, and even small cook books for kids! The possibilities are endless so think outside the box for this fantastic theme! For lunch you could have your young chef’s cook their own personal pizzas with pre-made pizza dough and just add the toppings. Another fun idea would be to help decorate cupcakes with the birthday girl and then cut a second decorated cake later to say happy birthday, if you wish.

Beautiful Baker Birthday Party Invitation

Beautiful Baker Birthday Party Invitation

When you decorate for the party you can either choose to go super playful or classic. Since this is a children’s baking party opt for a pretty plastic table cloth in the area where the baking and decorating will be happening and tape your cloth down to keep everything clean.  For center pieces you can use anything from decorated containers of kitchen utensils, cake sprinkles, or balloons. The most important thing is not perfection for your little baker but fun, after all once your party get baking it’s going to get messy anyway! Remember things will spill and the goal is for the guests and the guest of honor to enjoy the party.

Be sure to check out our cute and customizable Beautiful Baker Birthday Party Invitations if you’re getting ready to have a Bakers Birthday party! Invitations are available with a blonde, brunette, red-head, African-American, and Asian Beautiful Bakers made to resemble the guest of honor. They will be ready to get to your party!

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